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After the Storm

Book 2 of The H.E.R.O. Project

Kolobos has been defeated, and Sean has gone on the run. The people at the government laboratory where they were both created can't afford to have the world find out what they've done. They need to eradicate all traces of that phase of the project. A new phase has begun and its success depends on secrecy, no matter what the cost. Sean and Ginny are the last vestiges witness to their catastrophic failure, and they have to be erased. But they aren't going down without a fight.

Petri Dish

The H.E.R.O. Project 

A covert experiment is being conducted where super humans are being developed, but something has gone terribly wrong. Jealousy, insecurity, love and hate create unforeseen problems resulting in mortal consequences. The ensuing struggle reveals what kind of hero it takes to defeat a super villain.

Book Cover - Ishmael Overcoat.jpg

​​Ishmael Overcoat: A Lonesome Man's Journey 

Meet Ishmael Overcoat. He's overweight, out of shape, myopic and extremely unpopular. The only thing that makes his life worth writing about is his ability to talk to animals.  He can understand them and they can understand him.  But, there's a problem. Ishmael lives in the city and that seriously limits the animals with which he can converse.  One day he hears about the country, and he is overcome with the desire for the perfect bucolic experience. On his journey, he encounters many new animals that end up changing his life. And, as it so happens, life has a few surprises for him.

Forest Mist

The Barren Spirit

In this tale, four college students become uncontrollably compelled to travel to the barren pine forests of New Jersey in search of an answer. The question in need of that answer comes in the form of a foreign apparition, encountered during their experimentation with hypnosis. Who would have imagined that their innocent search could lead them down such a dangerous and deadly path?

Tropical Island

The Terrible Ruckus on Paradise Isle

Unfathomable riches, the promise of adventure and a crusty pirate named Captain Moses Plank lure Charles "Cherry" Pie and his friend Willy to a mysterious, uncharted island where they encounter more than expected.  

Part of the Cherry Pie Series

Cowboy and Wild Horses

The Rise and Fall of Blackjack Midnight

With the fear that his Grandfather’s memories would be forgotten the narrator, an old man and grandfather himself, repeats the detailed stories just as they had been told to him when he was a boy. In this story, Cherry and his friend Willy are headed out west to save Willy’s family from despair and losing everything they have worked so hard for.  Nothing is quite what it seems on this Wild West adventure. 

Part of the Cherry Pie Series

Book Cover - Endomer.jpg

The Secret Realm of Endomer

This is a story about the quest for sunken treasure but what is discovered is so much more. Follow Cherry and Willy on this tense adventure that takes the reader to the depths of the ocean and back again.

Part of the Cherry Pie Series

Image by Tim Mossholder

The Creek

Life in the small, placid town seems normally uneventful except for the drownings.  Not only are they unusually excessive, but they almost appear to go unnoticed.  When that fact is questioned, unpleasant answers are revealed, and the truth, which manifests itself as a vortex that is ruthlessly devouring the sleepy town, remains undetectable to all but a select few suffering souls.

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